Monday, July 25, 2005

New Knit Addict

New Knit Addict

Have finished the Koigu wool hat and it is very cute, although I should have made it just a tad larger. I want to make another one to wear when we go riding, although I've been trying to be good and wear a helmet. I feel a lot safer wearing my helmet, but I also feel like I look like a dork. I have an internal struggle back and forth over safety versus looks. I think anyone with a brain would realize that the safety factor is so much more important. So why do I have such a hard time with this?

Anyway, also finished a purple Fun Fur scarf and have since heard that there is a recall on Fun Fur due to the fact that it goes up in flames if you get a lighter near it. I am a smoker so that could be dangerous if I were wearing it while out having a couple drinks!! Yikes!

WIPs are: Pink rayon shrug, Polar wool dropped stitch scarf, antique red shawl, a few dishcloths, ... probably have (no lie) about 15 different projects going right now. That's the way I have to do it though to avoid getting bored!!

Okay, have to end this ... I'm at work and need to be doing work.