Thursday, July 20, 2006


I'm at a loss for a title for today's entry so I chose the word "pop". Why? Because I noticed last night that the English like to use the word "pop" to mean many things. "I'll be right over as soon as I pop into the store and buy some tea." "Let me just pop this last bite of biscuit into my mouth." "Yes, I'd like a cherry pop please." Just one of my many useless observations.

Running lately has been a chore. I've been running for 26 years and I don't ever remember it being as hot as it has been lately. I usually take Weezy (my pitbull) with me. Lately I have only been able to take her for 10 minutes or so because she gets WAY too hot. I took my greyhound the other day and I think he almost suffered heatstroke. I'm serious. That night I almost took him to the animal emergency clinic. He was still panting (about 2 hours after we had gone running), had a blank stare and was walking like he was drunk. No more running with the dogs until it cools off in this God forsaken state.

I'm currently working on knitting about 20 different things. It's completely out of control. I know I have knitting A.D.D. For some reason I always have to be starting a new project. I have 6-7 scarves on the needles, 2-3 shawls, 2 afghans, a cat blanket, a baby blanket, a washcloth. I had to put my sister's wrap on hold AGAIN because I screwed it up AGAIN. I've been writing the next row on a piece of paper that I put on the needles so I know the next time I pick the wrap up which row to knit and I still messed up somehow!! So now I have to pull out about 5 rows again!!! God, I hate that. But God, I LOVE TO KNIT!!!

I'm getting more work done on my orange blossom tattoo at the Coral Springs Tattoo Convention in August. I'm pretty excited about that.

My son has been gone for almost 2 weeks. He's in Asheville, NC visiting his dad. I'm hoping that when he gets back home he'll get his act together. He's supposed to be working on finishing his high school diploma, but he's been very bad about it and it's getting extremely frustrating. It's like he just doesn't care.

What else? I would really like to get a degree. I would also like to be completely bilingual. These are both easily obtainable goals. The hard part is getting myself to actually do it. I need some inspiration.

Postcrossing is a new thing I'm into. Sending postcards out to different countries and receiving them in return. I absolutely love it. I've only received 4 so far and out of those 4 2 were pretty cool but the other two were awesome and perfect for me. One person sent skeletons that looked very Grateful Dead-ish and the other one is like a smart ass sign.

Other than that the subject of moving in together came up the other night with Robbie and the thought of it absolutely terrifies me. I love him, but wonder if I'll ever be able to live with him. I feel that he would instantly expect me to be a housewife and I don't want that to be expected of me. If it could just happen when I want it to happen that would be great, but he is a person that sort of demands stuff and I'm not ready for that. I'm 43. Will I ever be ready to be expected to be a housewife? House-girlfriend? Probably not at this stage of the game. I wonder how other women my age would handle this sort of situation. If only he didn't expect so much. His belief is that he pays for everything so in return he should sort of be waited on at home. Ugh, I sound bitter and don't want to sound bitter. Never before have I experienced loving someone but being very scared to live with them ... never. He says he is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. Shouldn't I be the one to decide that?