Friday, October 14, 2005

Saying this at age 42 !! ??

I have been thinking that I need to make some friends for a LONG time, but I have enough guts to come out and say it on here after reading how many other people feel the same way. The sad thing for me though is that the majority of people seem to be very young and I’m 42!! Seems like I should have become better at making friends by this time. I have someone that I’ve considered my best friend since 1978, however she’s gotten very involved in things I’m not into anymore so I don’t really hang out with her anymore, plus my boyfriend basically told me if I hang out with her at all he’ll break up with me. Anyway, other than her I have one friend that moved to Mississippi so I never see her anymore although we do email each other. Other than that I have my mom and my sister but really no other friends. I find it to be very disheartening and sad and I’m going to change it and learn how to make some friends!!

43 Things?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Unpack This!!

I almost forgot ... I have something I need to bitch about. It seems that this blog winds up being not only about knitting, but an outlet for things I need to vent about also.

I mentioned previously that I went to Disney this past weekend ... I went with my boyfriend and his two kids, one girl and one boy, aged 9 and 10. Anyway, things were going great and we were getting along and then all of the sudden when we checked into the hotel my boyfriend got mad at me because I unpacked all of my own stuff, but didn't unpack for him and his kids. He was sitting at a table reading, the kids were hanging out in the bed watching TV and somehow I wind up being faulted because I didn't unpack for them. I fail to see why a grown man of 40 and the two kids who packed their own stuff are all of the sudden unable to UNPACK!! I can only attribute his attitude to the fact that he was married for 14 years and obviously his wife waited on him. He said that never in his life has he been expected to unpack for himself!! And he doesn't believe that the kids should have to unpack for themselves either. He says this is something he expects the woman to do. By the way, he is a very old-school thinking Italian man!!

Other than that I found out Tuesday night that since he can't fix his own food (he's started a new diet to lose weight) he is paying his ex-wife to fix his food for him. Not only that she drops it off to his office for him every morning. How sweet ...

Also he is in the process of selling his house so he is not able to have a dog there because apparently when you are selling a million dollar home, people frown upon it if they come into the house and there's any sign of you owning any sort of animal!! So he is on the hunt for a dog and guess where he wants to keep it? At my house!! I have a very small house and already have 3 dogs inside and 3 cats outside. He owns a 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on 3 acres but wants to keep the dog at my house!! Wouldn't it make sense to just wait until the house sells and THEN get a dog? I mean that's what I think, but he doesn't agree. It's easier to keep it at your girlfriend's house so she can feed it, walk it, etc. Oh also, one more thing, he CANNOT pick up poop. If any dog goes to the bathroom, he cannot pick up the poop because it will make him throw up. So, let's see, he wants to get a new dog and keep it at my house. I would imagine that if the dog is young, it will probably have some potty accidents. Who do we think is going to end up having to clean up all the poop? Me, I bet, right? I need to put my foot down about this.

When I read all the things I write about him I realize that all the things he expects from me are just ridiculous. Or is it just me? If anyone reads this, please let me know what you think. Thanks.

Not Alotta Knittin' Time

I hate it when I have a really strong urge to knit, but I can't. Like right now ... I'm at my job ... I lit my "indigo spice" candle and I have music playing to help get me into the mood to work but all I can really think of doing right now is knitting. I would be SO into it right now. I can't knit during lunch time today because my son's car got towed last night and we have to get it out. And sometimes it's hard for me to knit at home because it seems there's always something else to be done. I'm going to try really hard tonight to sit and get some knitting done. Last night I could have knit but I was watching "Six Feet Under" and when I watch that I don't like to do anything but get under the covers and give it my complete attention. It's probably the only show I watch that I truly, truly, truly enjoy ... like when one episode ends, I can hardly wait to watch the next one.

Anyway, I was in Disney last weekend and I managed to get my boyfriend to take me to the town of Celebration because I heard they have a yarn shop. The shop is called "Hopskotch" and it's really a clothes store with a little bit of yarn in the back. I was actually sort of disappointed because it wasn't very inspiring, but I did buy some Ironstone yarn ... I think it's called "Pizzazz" that I started making a really cool shawl with. The lady at the shop didn't know how to use the yarn winder so I ended up winding it myself in the hotel room. Funny but my ball of yarn looks nothing like the nice compact little squarish balls that the winder makes. It seems to be working though ... so no big deal.

Other than that I really want to make the shrug that is on the Yarn Tree website. It is made with Ironstone Island Cotton and I've seen a few of them made and they are really, really cute. I'm trying to make myself wait though because I have SO many other projects on the needles right now. Monday I finished a drop stitch scarf (it is 82" long ... very dramatic) that I made out of Rowan Polar. I love it ... now I just hope it gets chilly at some point in the future so I can actually wear it.

Also I went to see Phantom of the Opera Tuesday night. Wow ... the costumes and the stage sets were unbelievable. There was a little too much singing in it for me though. I'm glad I went and saw it, but would never choose to sit through it again.

Alright, that's it ... I really need to get busy here.