Monday, November 26, 2007

Months Pass Like Weeks

I would sware that it had only been maybe three weeks since I last posted ... but NO, it's been over a month again! Damn!! Anyway, I've made progress on my Clapotis.

Here's a pic from Halloween Horror Nights weekend. I went with Robbie and met up with my sister and her girlfriend, Christine. We had SUCH a good time!

This is a pic from roller derby practice a couple weeks ago, and a dorky picture of my 1st derby bruise. I'm too tired (after a VERY hard derby practice tonight) to write much more. I'm going to go soak in the bathtub, read, knit a little and go to bed!! (I hope these pictures line up right ... damn, it's so frustrating!)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tony's Picture

Okay, here's the picture of my son at his visit to Full Sail. God, I love him.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Clapotis, Full Sail, Roller Derby ...

Since my last post I've continued to work on my Clapotis and am getting there, slowly but surely.

I finished my sister's wrap that I've been working on since March of 2006!! It turned out more like a lap blanket and has some mistakes, but it was made with love and I know she'll find warmth in it ... even if it's spread out on her lap instead of around her arms! lol I vow that the next thing I knit for her will have any mistakes frogged, but frogging on this lace thing was near impossible.

I took Tony to visit a school in Winter Park that he is interested in attending called Full Sail. He really loved the school and it's so nice to see him excited about his future. Now we have to cross our fingers that either he can get Financial Aid or I can get a loan ... or here's a novel idea, maybe his father will come through for him for once in his life and help him out!! That would really be pushing it, but stranger things have happened, right? (I have the best picture of him at the orientation, but Blogger seems to be having problems and won't upload it. I'll put it on the next post!)

I also joined the Broward County Roller Grrls and have been going to practice twice a week. I am having such a good time skating and laughing with these girls. They are a lot of fun! No pics yet, but I'll have some soon. I still need to think of a roller derby name. So far this is what I have ...

Bipolar Roller

Misty Meaner

Veggie Roll (since I'm a vegetarian)

Wheels-A-Go-Go (my mom came up with this one ... )

My mind is constantly working on this, but none of them really "grab" me. My boyfriend, of course, loves Bipolar Roller, because he thinks I am ... lol ... but I'm not. My sister hates that one, but loves Misty Meaner. Eventually a name will stick ... and voila, my alter ego will emerge. Stay tuned ...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Henry Rollins!!

He's intense, he's intellectual, he's inquisitive, he's angry, he's out there, he's provocative, he's tattooed, and gosh darn it, he's HOT!!

Tony (my son) and I went to see Henry Rollins do his "Provoked" show tonight at The Theatre in West Palm Beach. It was a very small venue so I got to see Henry up close. It was an awesome show.

My First KAL

After two and a half years of knitting, I've finally joined a knit-a-long. 10 or more of the other Betties have also joined to make a Clapotis. It's nice to be knitting something with other people in my knitting group so we can all see each others progress!! I'm using Jamaica yarn by Katia. Here's what I've knit so far ...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Where Does the Thyme Go?

A friend sent me an email nudging me to post something on my blog. Little did I realize, it's been THREE MONTHS since I posted anything!

Well, I've been very busy. I finished a very hard Accounting class with a B+, so I'm one class closer to my degree!! The bad news is that I'll only be able to take one more class between now and March of 2008. My job has a limit to the amount they'll cover and I'm almost there. At least in the course of a year I'll have managed to get through six classes. By this time next year I'll be very close to being done. My son also wants to take some college courses which I'm very excited about.

I spent a weekend in the keys with my boyfriend, his son, his nephew and his brother in July. We went rafting behind Robbie's boat and he and his brother did everything they could (like going REALLY fast) to get me to fall off the raft. They wanted to see how long I'd be able to hold on. Mean, right? Well, I managed to hold on long enough to really impress them without getting hurt. Robbie ended up hurting his arm. See how Karma works?

We went to Robbie's Marina and fed the tarpon and ate dinner at Island Fish Company:

Also in July we took Robbie's kids up to Orlando for the weekend. Unfortunately it rained really hard almost the entire time so we weren't able to go to any of the parks. We decided to drive to Cocoa Beach and hit Ron Jon Surf Shop. Unfortunately while trying to turn around in a tight space, Robbie "dented" the new truck he had just purchased ... two days before.
A couple of weeks ago we took a road trip to Bethany Beach, Delaware. One of our first stops was at South of the Border where I was in hysterics when Robbie put on these glasses. Ha Ha Ha!!!!
I was also very excited to take my picture with Favio. So excited in fact that I put my purse on the floor to pose and then forgot about it. I didn't realize until we were about an hour down the road. We had to turn back (Robbie WAS NOT happy) and thankfully someone had gotten it and saved it for me!!
We went to Oriental, NC where I almost stepped on this snake in the woods, posed with this fantastic horse made out of driftwood, rode a ferry to the Outer Banks of NC and saw wild ponies and beautiful landscapes in Beaufort.

Arrived in Bethany Beach, Delaware, where
I met Robbie's relatives. This is his niece's
daughter, Naya ... Is she cute, or what?!
We went crabbing, caught lots of crabs and
ate them:
We went to Ocean City, Maryland before we
headed back home.

AND I knit a Mason Dixon ballband dishcloth!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day 2007

Another great weekend to report. I drove up to Palm Beach this weekend and went horseback riding with my boyfriend's sister-in-law (who is also my new friend). We had SUCH a good time!! We're usually with the guys on the Harleys, so this time it was just me and her on the horses ... good fun, lots of girl talk. Very cool!!

Other than that, it was a very rainy weekend so my boyfriend, his kids and I hung out alot at his house. We watched Norbit and Night at the Museum, ordered pizza, I got to do a lot of knitting, and then while my boyfriend took a nap his kids and I decided to let the dog AND the pig in the house so they wouldn't get wet. lol

Pugsley and Chinka.

Isn't his pitbull, Chinka, cool looking? He has awesome amber eyes and is almost as sweet as my Weezy.



Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blogging with Pictures is a Nightmare

I spent close to two hours trying to get the spacing right around the pictures in the post below, to no avail. Every time I moved one thing into the right position it screwed up something else. I finally threw in the towel. Definitely need to educate myself on inserting pictures correctly!!

Mother's Day 2007

What a great Mother's Day I had!! I drove down and picked up my mom in Miami. Our first stop was Elegant Stitches where I bought some awesome cotton yarns ... a step up from Peaches N' Cream, for my new fascination with knitting washcloths. Then we ate at Outback and went shopping at T.J. Maxx (my mom bought me a gothic-looking black cross ring there). We finished off the night at Cold Slab Creamery (I think that's what it's called), went back to her house, had some wine and did word puzzles together and then watched Mad T.V. and I knitted.

Today we (I) got up VERY LATE and my mom wanted breakfast at Wagon's West. We got there and it was closed. So we went to this bagel place down the street and it was closed. So we went to the Bagel Emporium and they were closing and we could only order takeout, so we went to JJ's Diner and they're air conditioning was broken and it was about 100 degrees in there so we left. We wound up eating Mother's Day late lunch at Denny's and it SUCKED!!!

So we took a drive through Coconut Grove since neither of us had been down there in years, then we drove to Crandon Park and went walking through the park that used to be the old zoo. It was awesome!! There were hardly any people around and lots of areas to explore.

There are all kinds of birds that will actually let you get pretty close to them, like this one.

There are also TONS of iguanas, so if you don't like them, this is probably not the place for you. My mom hates them, but was SUCH a trooper!! I was told that if you go during the summer you have to be careful that you don't step on them because they're EVERYWHERE! Needless to say my 77-year-old mom probably won't want to join me when I go back this summer.

Okay, so I drag my mom way back into the zoo, off the walkways and we turn the corner and find these!! They're not real, they're from the old zoo, but when we first saw them they scared the hell out of us! By the way, at the entrance there's a sign that tells you to watch out for crocodiles (meaner than alligators) which I didn't see on the way in (woops)! We probably shouldn't have been back in these areas, because there probably are real ones, but it was some good explorin' fun!

This is my mom wandering by the old cages that used to house some of the animals at the zoo. If you used to go to Crandon Park Zoo as a child, I recommend going here. It brought back so many memories and seeing it now was sort of surreal. Very cool ...

My awesome mom and I back at her house trying out the new beer called "Chill". It's a new light beer made by Miller with the taste of salt and lime. It is SO good!! Definitely my new beer of choice.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Finally ... Knitting Pictures!!

I started this blog to post pictures of my knitting, but never have. So tonight's FINALLY the night. I have been in school and my knitting has suffered because of the time I have to spend doing homework, but I did manage to finish a dishcloth and am now working on another one.
Some knitting is better than no knitting, right? :)
Plus I really love knitting these, they're quick, easy and useful!

I was going to give the completed one to my mom but it does have a couple mistakes in it, so I might just keep it for myself. If all goes well with the second one I'll probably give it to my mom, or maybe my sister.

Friday, March 16, 2007

No Post Since November!!!!

I can't believe it, but for a while there I think I just forgot that I even had this thing! So, here's an update.

I started school in December to get my degree in Microcomputer Applications. So far, I've completed two classes and have a 4.0!! I'm even on the Dean's list and LOVE being in school and learning. It's great to have a focus and be striving towards something!!

I'm still knitting and still love that and my Monday night knitting group although I haven't been able to go as often as I'd like to due to school and having pneumonia for the last three weeks!! I don't feel bad, just have a terrible cough!!

The holidays were nice (other than the night after Thanksgiving ... explained below). I spent Christmas Eve with Robbie and his kids. He convinced me that he's crazy about me and asked me to stay with him. He said the divorce would be final very soon. He even explained the situation to my mom and my sister which was pretty stand up of him ... the only problem now is that he's STILL married. And deep inside I'm still VERY angry about that. Anyway, Christmas Eve with him and the kids WAS very nice. I spent Christmas Day with my mom and sister ... and my sister moved to Minneapolis to live with her girlfriend the next day. We miss her but she's very happy there so we're happy for her. In fact, she said that Ft. Lauderdale pretty much sucks compared to Minneapolis. There's live music everywhere they go, lots of little artsy places, lots of parks with waterfalls, etc. I can't wait to visit.

For Valentines Day Robbie sent me roses at work and then gave me chocolates and a really powerful vacuum that I wanted (and needed with my 4 dogs and 2 cats!) We went to Le Tub for dinner since that's where we had our first date. The wait for food was like 2 hours so we just had a drink and then went out to Hollywood Beach. We got pizza and ate it out on the boardwalk and then did some people watching. It was really fun!!!

Other than that here are some new pictures:

My sister and I when she visited in February.

My son, my mom, my sister and I at Mom's Birthday dinner at Rustic Inn - Feb. 20, 2007.

Weezy yawning!!

The most awesome dog ever!! I love her SO much!!