Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tony's Picture

Okay, here's the picture of my son at his visit to Full Sail. God, I love him.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Clapotis, Full Sail, Roller Derby ...

Since my last post I've continued to work on my Clapotis and am getting there, slowly but surely.

I finished my sister's wrap that I've been working on since March of 2006!! It turned out more like a lap blanket and has some mistakes, but it was made with love and I know she'll find warmth in it ... even if it's spread out on her lap instead of around her arms! lol I vow that the next thing I knit for her will have any mistakes frogged, but frogging on this lace thing was near impossible.

I took Tony to visit a school in Winter Park that he is interested in attending called Full Sail. He really loved the school and it's so nice to see him excited about his future. Now we have to cross our fingers that either he can get Financial Aid or I can get a loan ... or here's a novel idea, maybe his father will come through for him for once in his life and help him out!! That would really be pushing it, but stranger things have happened, right? (I have the best picture of him at the orientation, but Blogger seems to be having problems and won't upload it. I'll put it on the next post!)

I also joined the Broward County Roller Grrls and have been going to practice twice a week. I am having such a good time skating and laughing with these girls. They are a lot of fun! No pics yet, but I'll have some soon. I still need to think of a roller derby name. So far this is what I have ...

Bipolar Roller

Misty Meaner

Veggie Roll (since I'm a vegetarian)

Wheels-A-Go-Go (my mom came up with this one ... )

My mind is constantly working on this, but none of them really "grab" me. My boyfriend, of course, loves Bipolar Roller, because he thinks I am ... lol ... but I'm not. My sister hates that one, but loves Misty Meaner. Eventually a name will stick ... and voila, my alter ego will emerge. Stay tuned ...