Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm Forcing Myself to do This!!

I don't know where the time goes. Every time I get on here to add something a month has gone by!! So, right now I'm forcing myself to do write something. (Watch though, once I get started I'll think of a thousand things to write ...)

On the knitting front I continue to work on a wrap for my sister. It's a really easy pattern but it's taking me a long time because it's wide and really long. I'm making it with Rowan Summer Tweed and the yarn is SO nice. It's silk and cotton. I have a few other things on the needles but am trying to discipline myself to finish this for her, foregoing all other knitting pleasures until it's done.

Robbie bought an RV. It's a 26 foot GMC Palm Beach from the 70's. It's green and we call it The Pickle. This weekend we're taking it to Big Cypress RV Park for our maiden voyage. Big Cypress is a Seminole Indian Reservation in the middle of the Everglades. Once in the RV park you can't venture too far out of the park on foot because there are bears, alligators and wild boar frequently near the outskirs of the park!! How fun!! Seriously!! I'm looking forward to making coffee in the morning, sitting outside and looking for wildlife. There are also a lot of deer in the area so I'm hoping to see one.

Other than that my life is pretty much just working, running, taking care of my house, reading, knitting and hanging out with Robbie. My son is 20 and so he does his own thing with his friends and OCCASIONALLY hangs out with me a little bit, which is nice.

I would really like to get to knit nights at least twice a month because I'm starting to feel like I have no life. Robbie gets so weird when I mention venturing off to knit. It's like he gets jealous or something and to avoid any confrontations about it, I just don't go. I know this isn't healthy in a relationship.

Anyway, my sister is moving to Minneapolis so I won't have her around to do things with, and I don't hang out with my other friend anymore since she and her new boyfriend have taken up swinging and drugs!! God, aren't you supposed to be over experimenting with drugs once you get in your forties? I just can't be around it and so I can't be around her.

So, even though I probably sound like "woe is me", I'm not. I love my job, I love my dogs, and running and knitting and all my other "things" ... I just need to get out a little more, with other people, that's all.