Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What's Been Up ...

One of my New Years resolutions is to be better about posting to my blog. It's been quite a while.

Anyway, I spent four days in Key West with my sister and my mom for Christmas. We rented a cottage and a little electric cart and drove all over the place checking stuff out at all hours of the night. Christmas Eve my sister and I were actually out in the cart in our Christmas pajamas cruising around in the cart!! Ha! It was definitely the non-traditional Christmas and one that we will always remember. We had SUCH a good time!!

New Years started out to be pretty uneventful. Robbie and I couldn't decide what to do ... stay in and watch movies or go out. I had a craving for a sandwich from Primanti Brothers on Ft. Lauderdale beach so we dressed really casual and headed down there. We ate and then decided to drive down Ft. Lauderdale strip before we went home. Well, it was probably about 10:30pm or so ... we turned the corner from Las Olas onto A1A and it opened up into a gigantic crowd of people. It was packed down there and everyone looked like they were having a lot of fun so we ended up parking and hanging out. We sat out front of Blondie's and had a drink and waited for midnight. When midnight came the Elbo Room had a machine blowing confetti onto everybody and everyone was going crazy. They shut A1A down for about 10 minutes and people were running around in the streets. It was really fun!! So for an evening when we had nothing planned, we ended up having a really good time.

Last night we met my sister and her girlfriend at Tatu, the restaurant over at the Seminole Village at the Hard Rock. The food was good but the service was terrible. After we ordered drinks it took about a half hour to get them. Robbie and I's meals came out at one time and my sister and her girlfriend's came out about a half hour later. We had gotten there in plenty of time to hang out and eat dinner and they ended up scarfing down their sushi and rushing out the door because they were late to their concert because it took so long. The place looks really cool, but the waitress and the manager really had big attitude problems and I don't think I'll probably ever go there again. For the price, the service isn't what it should be by any means!!

So, that's about it ... other than Robbie is taking me to Aruba. It was my birthday present. We are leaving this Sunday. We are in therapy ... have been for about a month or so now. It is helping ... things are better. Not perfect ... not even close ... but better and we're working on it.

OH, and I'm STILL knitting ... of course. No interest lost. I have about 17 projects going right now and I just finished an awesome cranberry colored scarf Sunday night.

Mimi if you read this, thanks for inviting me out to knit night. I will get there one night. Monday nights seem to be really difficult for me, but I will get there eventually and I appreciate you thinking of me!!!!