Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Henry Rollins!!

He's intense, he's intellectual, he's inquisitive, he's angry, he's out there, he's provocative, he's tattooed, and gosh darn it, he's HOT!!

Tony (my son) and I went to see Henry Rollins do his "Provoked" show tonight at The Theatre in West Palm Beach. It was a very small venue so I got to see Henry up close. It was an awesome show.


Que Sarah said...

Very cool!! I bet it was awesome!!
Your son is CUTE!! Whoo! AND very cool that he has my favorite man on his sweatshirt :D Nice to see you blogging again too missy ;-)

vagabond bettie said...

AH for Henry. o.m.g.

I need to know more about that guy.