Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blogging with Pictures is a Nightmare

I spent close to two hours trying to get the spacing right around the pictures in the post below, to no avail. Every time I moved one thing into the right position it screwed up something else. I finally threw in the towel. Definitely need to educate myself on inserting pictures correctly!!

Mother's Day 2007

What a great Mother's Day I had!! I drove down and picked up my mom in Miami. Our first stop was Elegant Stitches where I bought some awesome cotton yarns ... a step up from Peaches N' Cream, for my new fascination with knitting washcloths. Then we ate at Outback and went shopping at T.J. Maxx (my mom bought me a gothic-looking black cross ring there). We finished off the night at Cold Slab Creamery (I think that's what it's called), went back to her house, had some wine and did word puzzles together and then watched Mad T.V. and I knitted.

Today we (I) got up VERY LATE and my mom wanted breakfast at Wagon's West. We got there and it was closed. So we went to this bagel place down the street and it was closed. So we went to the Bagel Emporium and they were closing and we could only order takeout, so we went to JJ's Diner and they're air conditioning was broken and it was about 100 degrees in there so we left. We wound up eating Mother's Day late lunch at Denny's and it SUCKED!!!

So we took a drive through Coconut Grove since neither of us had been down there in years, then we drove to Crandon Park and went walking through the park that used to be the old zoo. It was awesome!! There were hardly any people around and lots of areas to explore.

There are all kinds of birds that will actually let you get pretty close to them, like this one.

There are also TONS of iguanas, so if you don't like them, this is probably not the place for you. My mom hates them, but was SUCH a trooper!! I was told that if you go during the summer you have to be careful that you don't step on them because they're EVERYWHERE! Needless to say my 77-year-old mom probably won't want to join me when I go back this summer.

Okay, so I drag my mom way back into the zoo, off the walkways and we turn the corner and find these!! They're not real, they're from the old zoo, but when we first saw them they scared the hell out of us! By the way, at the entrance there's a sign that tells you to watch out for crocodiles (meaner than alligators) which I didn't see on the way in (woops)! We probably shouldn't have been back in these areas, because there probably are real ones, but it was some good explorin' fun!

This is my mom wandering by the old cages that used to house some of the animals at the zoo. If you used to go to Crandon Park Zoo as a child, I recommend going here. It brought back so many memories and seeing it now was sort of surreal. Very cool ...

My awesome mom and I back at her house trying out the new beer called "Chill". It's a new light beer made by Miller with the taste of salt and lime. It is SO good!! Definitely my new beer of choice.